Crush Your Goals as a Creator (Silly Goals Method)

by | 7 Jan, 2021 | Goal Setting

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As creators, our goals for the year look something like this: 50 YouTube Videos, 100 Articles, 20 Personal Projects, 30 Artworks, and so on. You feel ready to crush your goals, thanks to the adrenaline rush of feeling determined to do something new.

The Initial few creations get done smoothly. But then the excitement fades, and resistance kicks in. It all starts to feel like work.

But it shouldn’t. You can turn things around with this simple hack I call Silly Goals Method.

Goals play mind-games

The way we write our goals on paper is very different from the way our mind processes them.

50 YouTube videos is processed as 50 High quality YouTube Videos

100 articles is processed as 100 In-depth, Science backed Articles

20 artworks is processed as 20 Original, Out of the world Artworks

These perceived expectations are the most significant sources of inaction. They often become excuses not to create.

Because it has to be “high quality,” you cannot work on it unless you acquire expensive gear. Because it has to be “in-depth,” you can’t complete it until you’ve read every single book and researched every published paper on the subject. Because it has to be “original,” you’ll have to strip everything that even resembles any other idea done in the past.

Nothing gets done.

The Silly Goals Method

The solution is to turn all these bold and heavy qualities associated with your goals into something silly, fun, and easy.

50 high quality YouTube videos becomes 50 Poor YouTube videos

100 In-depth, science backed Articles becomes 100 Unscientific articles

20 Original artworks become 20 Unoriginal Artworks

Choose your silly version based on the part of the goal that is most challenging for you.

Benefit 1 – You’ll feel in control

The silly goals don’t hold power over you as the perfect ones do. They don’t tend to stop you from starting, completing, and publishing your creations. You’re the one sailing the ship.

Benefit 2 – Goals will feel easy & fun

If it feels like fun, it’s gonna get done. (I’m going to use this in one of my songs). Silly is always easy and fun. These require much less willpower to get started, and getting started is half the story.

Benefit 3 – You’ll be yourself

You can’t copy someone’s silly. You’ll have to be yourself when you’re creating with this mindset. As you experience this way of creating more, you’ll experience that you’re not just yourself; you’re your best self.

Benefit 4 – Your creativity will bloom

As you’re creating without expectations, your mind is much more precise. Clarity makes space for creativity and ideas.

Benefit 5 – You’ll build your portfolio

We know quantity makes quality. If you can nail action for the quantity and build your body of work, then quality is inevitable. A lot of your creations will end up being high quality, original and valuable as-is for many. Your silly creations will create a lot of potential energy for you. They’ll eventually end up being valuable gems for the world and your portfolio.

Benefit 6 – You’ll grow faster

Everyone loves growth stories. So if you’re not considered an expert at first, it’s a good thing. Your audience and fans will love to see you grow. They’ll enjoy it when they experience better quality, more wisdom, more originality from you. You’ll enjoy this growth as well.

Go on, figure out what quality associated with your goals makes them challenging for you. Then use the Silly Goals Method: turn them into silly goals and crush them.

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